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digital camera Digital cameras are available in a wide range of models, from compact, point-and-shoot models to digital SLR cameras with interchangeable lenses.  Mid-range cameras offer more features and higher megapixel resolution than entry-level cameras, but do not offer the single-lens reflex design that professional photographers demand.  With all of the models available, each with a different set of features and options, it is easy to get overwhelmed when selecting a digital camera.

Camera review websites are an important source of information when you are choosing a digital camera.  These sites often provide comprehensive camera reviews, and they also review the latest news about camera and photography gear developments.  This in-depth information can be helpful for amateur photographers and professional photographers alike.

These photography resource websites usually include a variety of reviews about particular camera models plus information about camera accessories and photo gear.  Camera buffs can search for reviews of specific camera models, and those who are just starting their digital camera research can search by camera type or resolution (in megapixels).  Some websites feature camera reviewer recommendations as well as photo equipment and image editing software descriptions, technical information, and discussion forums.

digital photography equipment You can read about digital camera capabilities and learn about the primary types of camera lenses on this introductory digital camera website.  You can also compare camera memory devices and learn how digital cameras work on this site.  But to really compare digital camera makes and models, you may also wish to visit several camera review sites and photography magazine sites where photographers describe their experiences with specific digital cameras.

Use the information and convenient links on to access digital camera reviewers and camera manufacturers as well as local and online camera shops.  The three digital camera review sites listed below are well regarded as comprehensive photography resources, but you should talk to fellow photographers and do your own research before you invest in an expensive camera.  Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur "point and shoot" photographer, the digital camera information on this website can help you select the right camera for your needs.

Digital Camera Review Websites

  • Steve's Digicams
    Leading resource for digital camera consumer information and digital photography news.  The website editor is an experienced photographer whose digital camera reviews are useful for both professional and beginner photographers.  Find information about the latest digital camera offerings from top manufacturers.
  • Digital Photography Review
    Find the latest in digital photography and imaging news, reviews of the latest digital cameras and accessories, active discussion forums, a selection of sample images, a digital camera buyer's guide, and a database of digital camera features and specifications.
  • CNET Digital Camera Reviews
    This technology review website features extensive reviews and comparisons of digital cameras as well as a digital camera buying guide.
  • Digital Camera Resource Page
    Unofficial resource for current and future owners of digital cameras features digital camera reviews, information, and resources.  The website's stated mission is to provide honest reviews of digital cameras, with no sugar coating.

Digital Photography Magazines

  • Shutterbug
    Shutterbug magazine is a buying and information source for photographers of all levels.  There are helpful articles about photographic techniques and equipment as well as user reviews and test reports.
  • Digital Photography Magazine
    Digital Photography magazine is dedicated to digital photography.  It features instruction, evaluation of equipment, and tips on how to produce professional photography.
  • PopPhoto
    Popular Photography and Imaging magazine is oriented mainly towards amateur photographers.
  • Outdoor Photographer
    Outdoor Photographer covers travel and sports photography in addition to wildlife and landscape photography.  There are photo galleries and portfolios as well as equipment evaluations.
  • Digital Photo Pro Magazine
    Digital Photo Pro magazine is especially designed for digital photography professionals.
  • Digital Camera Magazine
    At Digital Camera magazine's website, visitors can read digital camera reviews and browse through the digital photography and imaging guide.

Digital Camera Manufacturers

Find and compare specifications for the latest digital cameras and photo accessories from leading photography and electronics equipment manufacturers.  Browse these manufacturers for high-end digital cameras, digital printing solutions, digital camera accessories, and simple point and shoot cameras.

  • Canon
    Offers the PowerShot line of "point and shoot" digital cameras and the high end EOS series of professional digital cameras.
  • Fujifilm
    Features a range of cameras from sophisticated and stylish to sensible, serious, and professional solutions.
  • Nikon USA
    Manufacturer of quality digital cameras and imaging equipment including digital SLR and digital Coolpix cameras.
  • Olympus
    Precision technology leader offers a wide range of digital cameras and imaging solutions for amateur, enthusiast, and professional photographers.
  • Ricoh Imaging
    Offers Ricoh and Pentax digital cameras, lenses, and camera accessories, designed to satisfy the creative requirements of amateur and professional photographers.
  • Sony
    This consumer electronics manufacturer offers the Cyber-shot® and digital SLR camera lines.  Cyber-shot is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.

Discontinued Cameras

  • Kodak featured an extensive line of digital cameras for amateur use and professional applications.  The Kodak EasyShare system provided a convenient way to upload pictures to your computer.
  • Konica Minolta ceased the camera business, effective March 31, 2006.  This site provides information about their discontinued camera and photography products.

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